Pros and Cons of getting a fence in the winter

Pros and Cons of getting a fence in the winter

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As the weather starts to get cold and you start contemplating whether you have missed your chance this year of getting a fence. Well we say, stop contemplating. It has been ingrained into your knowledge that you should get your fences done in the summer. But are you missing the hidden gem of getting your fence in the winter? Let us lay out the pros and cons of getting your fence done in the winter.


Cheaper: Even if you missed our Summer Specials, installation companies tend to provide discounts in the colder months to boost business. This translate to more money in your pockets! Look out for potential sales from us by bookmarking our website.

Faster: Because it is still very common to get your fence done in the summer in Ottawa, scheduling time for an estimate becomes challenging. There is more wait time but once winter starts, our time starts to free up, it’s easier to get an appointment and the time between signing a contract and fence installation can be shorter, meaning you get your fence quicker.


Better: Sometimes professional installers take on more than they can chew in the summer due the the demand this results in the rushed jobs. In the winter, more attention may be paid to each job resulting in a better fence for you!


If you have frozen ground, or wet mud, it will not be the ideal time to get a fence as you cannot set the posts soundly and you may see some settling later on. This can also lead to higher costs, as the manual labour of each job will likely to be more on the installers. It might take a lot of guessing from you to estimate whether it is still okay to install a fence, and how it affects your cost. But not to worry, get a free estimate from us now.


There’s nothing to lose right now as Ottawa has been extremely warm this year. The ground is still dry making the perfect time to get a fence. If you are still on the fence, why not check out our post on Things to Know Before Getting a Fence? If you are conflicted on which material to use check out our post on Pros and Cons of Vinyl/PVC Fences, Wood Fences, Iron Fences and Chain Link Fences. But if you are stuck on the design of your fence, make sure to check out the two posts below and see what you need to know before starting your