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Safety and security is an increasing concern for many people. No matter how secure you think your home is, there is always something more that can be added. If you do not have gates on your Ottawa property, you may not be as safe as you think. Let the professionals at Capital Deck and Fence handle the design and installation process for you. From estate gates to garden-fence gates, your property can be made more secure in a short time.

You enjoy long summer days sitting by the pool. Your garden oasis is a place for family and friends to gather and enjoy one another. You never expected tragedy to strike in such a comforting space. Unfortunately, accidents happen every day on private properties in the city. There are many benefits to installing a fence gate on your property:

  • Security – When you add a barrier to your property, criminals and unwanted to guests are less able to penetrate your perimeter. This gives you peace of mind, especially if you have to leave your family alone at home for any length of time.
  • Kids and Pets – A properly-installed barrier will allow your children and pets to play outside with less risk. Your children and pets are less likely to run into the street or off of your property.
  • Pool – If you have a pool on your property, a fence gate is an absolute must. Your family, friends and even strangers must be kept as safe as possible. Many people don’t know that if your pool is not secured, you will be held liable for any accidents that occur; with or without your knowledge.
  • Garden – A garden gate can keep kids and animals in, and can keep kids and animals out. A gate can be used to section off a portion of your property, whether it is for a garden, a play area or a vegetable row. A professionally-installed garden gate can beautify your property and keep your family safe. A custom-built gate can blend in with your current aesthetics, looking like it has always been there.

Whether you need an estate gate or one for your garden, you can keep your family and pets in Ottawa secure from outside forces that have ill intent in mind.

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Due to material shortages and high volatility of lumber prices we are TEMPORARILY suspending all new WOOD AND CHAIN-LINK fence installations. We apologize for the inconvenience. Wood decks and all other types of fences (vinyl, iron) are still available.