50 Backyard Fence Design Inspiration: PVC, Wood, Iron

50 Backyard Fence Design Inspiration: PVC, Wood, Iron

Fences, the definition of strong, privacy, and security. However, fences can add to your property value by being a stunning piece of art. Depending on the style you want your backyard to be like, choosing a fence to match can really boost your home value.

Before choosing a material, think about the style you want your fence to bring into your backyard. There’s lots of things you have to take into consideration when considering what style you desire. Are you accentuating a feature? Hiding a feature? Or do you want your fence to be the star of your backyard?  Whether you want a full coverage privacy fence or a peek-a-boo fence, thinking about what you desire really narrows down your choices. There are also lots of decorative accessories you can take into account, have you considered them? What about what kind of environment you want to fence off? Is it a pool or a garden?

Below are some design inspirations based on the different style you want using 3 different materials: PVC, wood or iron.

PVC/Vinyl Fences

The famous white picket fence, bright, home-y, safe and always in style. It is no surprise that PVC/Vinyl Fences have become the #1 choice with home buyers. It is durable, easy to maintain, and simply one-of-a-kind. Find out more about PVC/Vinyl fences now.

PVC Fencing


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Iron Fences

Enter the world of myths and magic. Know for its elegance and decorative designs, iron fences have been the heart of many homes. But not only are they are a feast to our eyes, they are also durable and easy to maintain. Iron fences not only can give off the gothic, victorian vibes, it can also designed to fit modern homes. Give below a look and see what iron fences can bring to your home. Find out more about iron fences now.

Iron Fencing

Wooden Fences

The never-go-out-of-style: wooden fences. With it’s versatility and tens of finishing, wooden fences can transform a home. Wooden fences can really bring out the already existing decor in your backyard or it can be the focal point. With different types of wood choices, it is easy to change from dark and mysterious to sunny and bright. Explore your creativity, and bring your backyard to life with wooden fences. Find out more about wooden fences now. Below are some stunning examples of wooden fences at its best.

Wooden Fencing

New HOT Trend! Horizontal Fences

In recent years, there has been an increase in horizontal fencing due to its sleek, sophisticated look. In home decor magazines, horizontal fences have outshined many of the traditional fences. Below are some great example of this increasingly popular trend.

Horizontal Fencing

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