Things to Consider When Designing a Backyard Fence

Things to Consider When Designing a Backyard Fence

A backyard fence is not only a great selling point for a house, it also provide security, privacy and glamour to your backyard. But when it comes to designing the perfect fence to your liking, there are so many things to consider. Do you confused by all the terminologies? What option is the best for your house? Well, let us break it all down for you. Here are things to consider when you are designing your backyard fence.

Fencing Dimensions

Height and Width

Take a little stroll in your backyard. Examine the height of everything in your yard. Take them all into consideration. Is there a pool, trampoline, or garden? What are their heights? How tall are you? How about your house? How much privacy do you need? These mental notes are a very easy way to start thinking about the height and width of your fence. At Capital Deck and Fence, we can custom your fence to satisfy virtually any height or width.



Fence Style




Chain link


Know the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Wood is easy to use and handle. Iron is very protective. Chain link is sturdy. PVC has zero maintenance. Stay tune in the coming weeks for a Battle of the Fences, where we will compare each material to help you decide which one is the one for you.


ColoursFence Colours

What kind of feeling do you want your fence to invoke from you? What kind of mood and atmosphere do you want your backyard to be like? What is your personal style? What is the colour of your house? Do you want to match it or contrast it? What is your personality; are you outgoing or are you the opposite? These are some of the things you should ask yourself before choosing a colour. Sometimes it is very difficult to settle down with a colour, why not get a second opinion. At Capital Deck and Fence, we offer various colour to satisfy your needs. We can offer our professional opinions and make suggestions.



Fence Accessories

Details and Accessorizing: Privacy Panels, Post Caps

Fence designs can get complex quick. Know what you want by thinking about all the options. Ask us what type of options we offer with different fence styles. Do you want lattice work? How about the width of your privacy panels? Which style of post caps you want? Which dimensions do you want your rails to be like? The image on the right shows some options you might want to consider when designing your fence. The lattice detailing adds a mystical element to your backyard. While gothic and colonial post caps tend to add a more “harder” type of look. Flat and internal flat post caps adds a hint of sophistication. Ball post caps are tend to add a playful atmosphere to the yard.



StyleFence Styles

You can be very creative when it comes to fence designs. Specific shades, angles, detailings can be achieved with the right professionals. At Capital Deck and Fence, we offer variety of options to customers. If you are on uneven ground, fences can help you create an illusion of even footing. Fencing style and accent and feature many wanted elements in your yard while it can also hide away unwanted sights. Get inspired, with the photo on the right and decide what you want your fence to do.




Get Inspiration

If all else fails, and you are still scratching your head, trying finding inspiration. Here’s 50 Backyard Fence Designs that will surely give you a nudge in the right direction.