PVC / Vinyl Fences

Capital Deck and Fence - Vinyl Fence

PVC / Vinyl Fences

Whatever PVC fence design you have in mind, the specialists at Capital Deck and Fence can provide you with design, supply and installation of complete fence solutions for your property. Our designers are experts in a variety of products and systems including:

  • PVC (vinyl) fence
  • Different fence styles
  • Different fence colors
  • Fence accessories

Your Full-Service Contractor

We can provide you with complete end to end services including conceptualization, design and plans.

Some of our works:

PVC Fence. 6′ with Lattice. Mackenzie Style. Color – White

Capital Deck And Fence - Homeland PVC Fence

PVC Gorilla Fence. Mix 6′ and 7′ High. Color – Green Teak

Capital Deck And Fence - PVC Fence

Homeland PVC Fence with Wood Inside. 6′ High. Color – Adobe

Capital Deck And Fence - PVC Fence - Wood Inside

Due to material shortages and high volatility of lumber prices we are TEMPORARILY suspending all new WOOD AND CHAIN-LINK fence installations. We apologize for the inconvenience. Wood decks and all other types of fences (vinyl, iron) are still available.