Why Wooden Fence Will Never Go Out of Style

Why Wooden Fence Will Never Go Out of Style

Wood fences are often looked down upon as being constructed of a weaker building material, but wood is an underrated construction material. This is perhaps due to a surge of new construction materials in the modern era. Iron has been used for monumental train stations, concrete for magnificent domes, and who can forget the piercing steel and glass skyscrapers?

However, wood has always given off a special warmth, which is missing from these other materials. When it comes down to selecting materials for fences, wood fences will forever remain a classic trim for your home.


The first myth we’re going to dispel is the idea that wood rots easily and that it doesn’t offer longevity. On the contrary, wood fences can last more than 50 years, provided that the wood has been pressure-treated. However, the best way to preserve and maintain your fence is to apply paint or stain from the beginning, and again when needed.



One great thing about wood is it’s a sustainable material. Materials like iron or concrete require a lot of manufacturing, creating a large carbon footprint. Wood simply needs to grow, and new trees require approximately ten years of growth until they’re ready to be cut and milled into lumber. That means that by the time wood fences need replacing, after more or less ten years, depending on the climate, more than enough wood will have grown to replace it.

History Says it’s Our Favourite Material

As a country bordering the ‘land of freedom’, we Canadians are familiar with the American dream. And consequently, we can easily picture the ‘white picket fences’ associated with this dream. For more than 400 years, the favorite residential material for fences has been wood, and that’s because of several reasons – it’s widely available, beautiful, and of course, it’s associated with success.

wood fence

Design Flexibility

There are many designs which can be made from wood fences because of wood’s flexible nature. You can carve and cut wood into any desired shape, and sometimes you might be surprised at what the material can do. In the past, wood has even been shaped into magnificent Gothic vaults.

There are certainly a wide variety of fence patterns to choose from, and wood allows you to use your creativity. Some like lattice patterns for plants to climb over it, while others like the simple post and rail. If you’re installing fences, and you don’t have a specific pattern in mind, it’s recommended that you speak with your fence company about the design options available.


When making fences, let’s not forget about the cost. While offering a timeless look, wood is more affordable than other materials. It’s also relatively inexpensive to stain the wood into different colours. The verdict: wood fences are great for your wallet without sacrificing quality and style.