Best Materials for a Pool Fence

Best Materials for a Pool Fence

Capital Deck and Fence - Iron Fence

One of works last year: iron pool fence in Ottawa.

Though the winter is long in Ottawa, it is never too early to think about summer. Pools are very popular in Ottawa. No matter which neighborhood you step into, someone bound to have a pool. If you are thinking of getting pool, consider getting a pool fence. Not only does it keep safety a priority, it is great at keeping privacy. Before we start, we like to direct you to the City of Ottawa Pool Enclosure guide.

Now today, we will introduce 3 materials that are typically chosen to be use as a pool fence and we will tell you why.

1. Wood

Wood has been used in fencing for years, but recently, it has been on the decrease in popularity due to its high maintenance. Because of the proximity of the fence to the pool water, a wood fence needs care and attention to last. If you are looking for privacy, wood definitely offer you some. However, an important thing to note is that if you want to watch your kids when they are in the pool, it is best to have a fence that you can look through or over so you can check on them. Notwithstanding the maintenance aspect, there’s no disputing the fact that it looks great in any setting and also makes a wonderful privacy fence.

wood pool fence

2. PVC or Vinyl

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, has become a popular choice for pool fences. It is durable, flexible, and won’t warp, rot, or bend due to moisture exposure or extreme weather. Although some homeowners consider them to be on the bulky side and colour options are limited, PVC fences provide a lot of privacy and come in a variety of styles. PVC will cost more up front, but it won’t need to be replaced or re-installed nearly as often. PVC fence is also frequently used around pools. Many privacy fences have lattice or spindles for the top foot of the fence to add ornament to the design.

pvc pool fence

3. Iron

Everyone is looking for something different. An iron fence is for those who want to have a great view of nature. If you don’t need or want as much privacy, but still want a strong, secure pool fence, iron is the way to go. Iron fences are lightweight, sturdy, and available with many elegant ornamental accents. However, some maintenance is required to keep iron fences from corroding. Also iron fences can be expensive.

pros and cons

Wood PVC/Vinyl Iron
Pros Size, style and colour customization
Amazing privacy
Low maintenance
Size and style customization
Extremely durable
Does not obstruct view
Cons Requires maintenance
Can warp and twist over time
Gates may sag over time
Maybe considered bulky
White color
Mildew formation in wet shady areas
Poor privacy