Why PVC and Iron Fences are gaining popularity in Ottawa

Why PVC and Iron Fences are gaining popularity in Ottawa

Need a new and improved fencing in Ottawa? Love a modern, private environment to enjoy? In addition to guaranteeing you some much-needed privacy, considering one of the following new fences will increase the value of your home and save you money down the line.

PVC Fencing: Unlike wood fences, PVC fences are long lasting, easy to clean and require no maintenance. For these reasons PVC fencing in Ottawa has become extremely popular as it is also weather resistant; a huge asset with Ottawa’s harsh winters. In fact, most companies will offer a lifetime warranty on PVC fencing because of its resilience. The installation process is quick and easy, and the appearance is very clean and aesthetically pleasing. PVC fences can be pricey but they are an investment in the long run, saving you the headache of fence maintenance and increasing the value of your home.

Iron Fencing: Similar to PVC fencing, iron fences are a great alternative to wood fences as they are strong, durable and provide security — especially around pools. Iron fences can be custom made and are very artistic and aesthetically pleasing. They are commonly coated in a UV protector that is important for fencing in Ottawa, as the extreme temperatures and sun exposure can wear away at wood fences. Iron fences are more durable that wood fences, require much less maintenance and are a cheaper alternative to PVC fencing. Though there are many misconceptions about iron fencing, most companies can install it for around the same price as wood fences. Iron fences are a trendy and unique way to modernize your backyard.

Many companies that do fencing in Ottawa have already begun installing these new, innovative designs this spring to ensure a summer filled with privacy and relaxation. If you are looking to increase the security, privacy and over all value of your home, then invest in new fencing in Ottawa and be assured this investment will save you headaches in the future.

Due to material shortages and high volatility of lumber prices we are TEMPORARILY suspending all new WOOD AND CHAIN-LINK fence installations. We apologize for the inconvenience. Wood decks and all other types of fences (vinyl, iron) are still available.