Is it too late to book my fence installation in August?

Is it too late to book my fence installation in August?

We get a lot of calls around this time of the year wondering if it too late for fence installation. In fact it is not and we will tell you why:

Avoid the Rush

Most people get their fence installed late spring and early summer because they want the most out of their coming summer. However, that creates a long wait for potential services. Since everyone else is thinking the same thing to start early, the demand for all the best fence installation companies, such as Capital Deck and Fence, goes up. You are far more likely to get a timely booking if you call a reputable fence contractor now.

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Extra Time

Before you call a fence installation company, it is a good idea to check Ottawa or Gatineau’s building codes and bylaws to see if there is anything you need to know before thing about your dream backyard. You should also take a look at your property lines to understand exactly where you can and cannot build your fence. You should have a style of fence in mind before you call as well. Depending on your budget, you may consider anything from wood fencing to PVC fencing to ornamental iron.

We have some help posts to get your creativity started:

Less Stress

A lot of homeowners believe spring is the best time for fence installation but the weather during the early spring in Ottawa does not cooperate. The ground frost needs to have thawed before work can begin, because frozen ground is hard to break and will slow things down. If there has been a lot of rain or a late snow, the ground may be too muddy to work with. Not to mention working in and around your lawn while it is wet may cause damage to your grass. However this is not the case in late summer! The weather is perfect for fence installation and that means you have one less thing to stress over about.

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So why not give a call at 613-413-7572 or contact us via the web to get you set up with your new fence! 🙂