Guide to Ottawa Spring Fence Installation

Guide to Ottawa Spring Fence Installation

Ottawa is starting to warm up. The sun rises early and sets later. Before Ottawa becomes a spring paradise, prepare your house for a fence installation! Here are some of the ways you can prepare for your spring fence installation:

1. Identify your reason for a new fence

Fencing in Ottawa can serve many purposes; what’s yours? Do you simply need to set a boundary? Are you trying to keep a child or pet from leaving the yard or entering a hazardous area? Is the fence being installed for privacy and security? No matter the reason, knowing your purpose will help you prepare and guide you in all of the important decisions that come along with building a fence.

2. Identify the material of your choice

Once you’ve decided why you need a new fence, it’s time to decide what kind of fence best suits your needs.Check out the full list of Pros and Cons for Vinyl/PVC Fences, Wood Fences, Iron Fences and Chain Link Fences before you proceed.


3. Understand the laws

There may be building codes or by-laws regarding fencing in Ottawa that regulate the look, size and location of your fence; make sure that you’ve informed yourself about these before committing to fence installation. You should also know where your property lines and underground lines are located, and whether or not you’ll need a building permit. Here’s a list of useful links you will need for your research: By-Laws.

4. Notify your neighbours

Even once you’ve determined where your property lines are located, you should talk to your neighbours and make sure that they won’t be put out by the construction process or by the finished product. Especially if it’s a shared fence, you’ll need to ensure that they’re in agreement with the look and size of the fence, since it will be impacting their home as well.


5. Contact a professional

Rather than attempt to install a fence yourself and risk making mistakes, hire professionals who specialize in fencing in Ottawa. Prior to installation, they’ll be able to provide you with invaluable opinions and information. Asking to see examples of their past work may also inspire and generate ideas for your own fencing project. Check out our portfolio today. You can also contact us for more samples!

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Taking these steps to prepare yourself and your home for a new fence will ensure that you won’t waste any time come spring. Your vision will be a reality in no time!