5 backyard projects to plan this March Break in Ottawa

5 backyard projects to plan this March Break in Ottawa

Want your summer to be perfect? Planned lots of family gatherings, BBQs, or just simple backyard relaxation times? Get your backyard prepare for all the warm weather fun; March break is the perfect time to start planning; the weather is milder but still too cold to start working. Below, we made a list of five potential projects to help your creative side to come alive!

  1. Get organized with an additional shed

I bet last summer you had already planned for this to happen, however, with all the events going on, the backyard was never free. Guess what? March break is the perfect time to start thinking and building that shed!


  1. Revamp the deck

After a long winter, your deck might look a little dull. But once all the snow melt, it’s a perfect opportunity to take a look over your deck and perform any repairs or replacement of rotten wood planks. Be sure to give it a thorough cleaning, and apply a protective finish if there are any signs of moisture damage. However, sometimes the deck might not be “revamp-able”. Try getting a new one. Our custom decks can bring a gorgeous look and lot of functionality to your backyard. You can expect a knowledgeable consultant to meet with you and discuss your options. Whether you have an idea in mind or plan to rely on us for suggestions, we’ll provide the expertise, insight, and finishing to make your vision become a reality. Call us today at 613-413-7572 or email us for a FREE quote!


  1. Defence that fence

Your fence is also exposed the elements constantly, with wind and rain whipping against it. So while you’re assessing and protecting your deck, do the same with your fence. Repair any broken sections or areas that are unstable. If your fence is in a state of ill-repair, you may consider investing in a new fence. We specialize in residential wood, vinyl and ornamental aluminum fencing. We offer a variety of different products so we can customize your fence to your exact specifications. Call us today at 613-413-7572 or email us for a FREE quote!


  1. Prepare for spring cleaning

The winter in Ottawa is slowing ending. That doesn’t mean it didn’t do its damage. Buried under the snow might be some plants or flowers that you forgot to protect last fall. Start clearing and prepping for the new growth.


  1. Plan your garden/BBQ oasis.

Once your backyard had shed the old winter skin, start painting your masterpiece!


Don’t leave your backyard projects until the last minute! Bite the bullet, make a list and set a date to tackle them so that you can relax and enjoy. Capital Deck and Fence offers:

  • Free consultations – There are many pieces towards building your perfect deck including budget, type of material, layout etc. Our consultants can offer professional suggestions and work with you to design a deck that meets your needs and provide stunning look to your yard.
  • Quality Product – Once you’ve landed on a design idea it’s important to know that you’ll be getting material that is going to look great in the long run. Capital Deck and Fence uses select vendors who all have a reputation of delivering the highest quality lumber and fasteners.
  • Professional Installers – Our installers are not only trained to install your deck properly, but are trained in customer service as well. They are always happy to answer any questions you have and explain any construction detail that you may be curious about so that you’ll have the peace of mind that you won’t have any headaches down the road. Our contractors respect your property and they make sure that everything is neat and clean when the project is completed.
  • Product variety – Some companies may specialize in one particular type of deck. Capital Deck and Fence specializes in knowing what type of deck is right for you based on your preference, budget, and engineering. Whether its cedar, redwood, pressure treated pine, composite, or other, each product has its pros and cons. We’ll share our knowledge in each product so that you can decide which fits your needs the most.