16 Things to Do in the Backyard this Summer

16 Things to Do in the Backyard this Summer

Summer is slowly arriving, your backyard starts to become a paradise. Here are some things you can do in your own backyard!

Lawn bowling

lawn bowling

Lawn bowling is surprisingly fun! Get the whole family involved and start a lawn bowling championship this summer!




 Water slide

water slide

It is not summer until water is involved. Get a water slide for your backyard and enjoy the endless fun!


little gardener

Summer is the season of growth. Turn your backyard into a garden. Not only it is incredibly fun, but also very rewarding.


Water Stream


Gardening is too main-“stream”? Then adding a water stream in your garden is the way to go!











 Mini Golf

backyard golf

Practice your hole-in-one with your DIY backyard mini golf!







Angry Bird

angry bird backyard

Bring the addicting mobile game to life with this simple backyard game!













You really can’t have summer without the classic BBQ. Relax and enjoy!









This giant quilt will be THE best for an outdoor sleepover! NEED!



Bring up your picnic level by setting up a tent for your backyard picnic.







Water Pinata

pinata balloon

Water balloon, Pinata. Do I need to say more?

 Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

Start a mini scavenger hunt in your own backyard. Maybe you will find more than you expected?









No matter your age, you will love a day in the backyard with just some soap and water 😉


backyard movie

Bring your summer shows outside. Enjoy a movie night outdoor.







backyard reading

Transport yourself into the world of the books in the peaceful environment of your backyard.

Bird Bath

bird bath

Set up a bird bath to view the little creatures we all love. Start a competition with your family and see who can spot the most birds!







backyard camping

Don’t want the hassle of true camping? Start in your backyard and work your way up!