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How to protect wooden fence from the elements

After years of exposure to rain and sunlight, a once pristine wooden fence can be gray and dull. An untreated wooden fence is susceptible to damage caused by wind,microorganisms and fungus as well as water and sunlight. It is possible to restore a now-dingy wooden fence’s appearance while protecting its wood from future damage. Perform […]

How to Utilize your Backyard All Year Round in Ottawa

Ottawa has one of the most challenging climates of any large North American city. But we all want to utilize our backyards not only for the warmer season but the colder ones. Sadly a lot of elements that brought to life during the warmer months simply couldn’t stand up to the rigors of winter. However, […]

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Prepare your wooden fence for winter

Before those long winter months set in, performing a few exterior tasks is a process that many of us are well aware of. And when it comes to wooden structures such as your deck and fence, it’s important to include them in that list as well. Though wood is a beautiful material, wood fences and […]

Why PVC and Iron Fences are gaining popularity in Ottawa

Need a new and improved fencing in Ottawa? Love a modern, private environment to enjoy? In addition to guaranteeing you some much-needed privacy, considering one of the following new fences will increase the value of your home and save you money down the line. PVC Fencing: Unlike wood fences, PVC fences are long lasting, easy to […]


Is it too late to stain my fence?

Staining is a wonderful way to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of your wooden fence. It’s actually relatively easy to do. There’s no need to be intimidated by the process. Stain penetrates the wood better than paint. Paint can’t duplicate this penetration and as a result requires more maintenance for typically less attractive results. Therefore, we […]

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The Pros and Cons of PVC / Vinyl Fence

Vinyl or PVC fences are rising in popularity. Is it for you? We list off some pros and cons of PVC / Vinyl fences for you. Before diving into the pros and cons of PVC/Vinyl fencing, we highly suggest you read our  What is PVC fencing? post. Pros of PVC Fences Modern, sleek, and beautiful. […]

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Why Wooden Fence Will Never Go Out of Style

Wood fences are often looked down upon as being constructed of a weaker building material, but wood is an underrated construction material. This is perhaps due to a surge of new construction materials in the modern era. Iron has been used for monumental train stations, concrete for magnificent domes, and who can forget the piercing […]

Why get a backyard fence in Ottawa?

Fences are popular additions to many homes. Although you might not view fences as exciting, whether it’s a wood, iron, chain link, or PVC fence, it offers more features than you might think. Aesthetics Fences can enhance the look of your home. Don’t think of it as simply a fence – think of it as […]

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How to repair water damaged fence

It has been a rainy summer in Ottawa this year. Your fence might have taken a toll. To undo the damage, we have prepared a step-by-step guide below. This guide follows a simple 5 steps: Check the damage Determine the size of the damage Clean the fence Replace or repair the fence Paint or stain […]