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How to repair water damaged fence

It has been a rainy summer in Ottawa this year. Your fence might have taken a toll. To undo the damage, we have prepared a step-by-step guide below. This guide follows a simple 5 steps: Check the damage Determine the size of the damage Clean the fence Replace or repair the fence Paint or stain […]

Iron Fence

Make Your Iron Fence Last

People love iron fences for their aesthetic appeal, sound structure and durability; iron fencing made from quality materials can last for decades. They do have one weakness, however: rust. Even a little rust can compromise your fence’s durability and even shorten its lifespan. So if you have iron fences around your home, you need to […]

wood fence

Wooden Fences – Frequently Asked Questions Answered

There are plenty of practical uses for a fence: to gain privacy, safely corral kids and pets, block wind and noise, and prevent unsupervised dips in a swimming pool. But the right fence also makes a strong aesthetic statement, improving a home’s curb appeal. Why wood? – Cost, maintenance, and longevity? It’s inexpensive and lightweight, […]

Perfect Vegetable Garden in 10 Steps

Summer is fast approaching in Ottawa. Vegetable from your backyard taste dramatically better than store bought. The path to a successful vegetable garden is not difficult or long. Follow the 10 steps below and you will produce many enjoyable moments and an abundant harvest of fresh vegetables during much of the year. Location Choose an […]

How to build a fence

Fences are useful to gardeners. They may function to keep both wild and domestic animals (and people) out of areas, define garden spaces, create or maintain privacy, decrease noise, or simply be decorative. Ideally, a fence will serve multiple functions. They can be constructed from stone, block, brick, wire, wood, plastic, wrought iron, or live […]

Fencing 101

Garden fences are usually place to protect areas from animal trampling and herbivory (feeding on plants). Knowing the species of herbivorous wildlife present in your area is critical to building an effective barrier. Even so, if your garden is the only patch of green for miles, then hungry animals may find a way through the […]

5 Ways to Elevate your Backyard Deck Game

1. Raised Garden Bed unskinnyboppy created this amazing raised garden bed.   2. Light up railing! From Pinterest, we found this creative idea to brighten up a summer night. This definitely will create a buzz with your party guests. 3. Outdoor Oasis Stylemepretty created this outdoor oasis with their backyard deck. Get inspired! A simple rug and […]

5 backyard projects to plan this March Break in Ottawa

Want your summer to be perfect? Planned lots of family gatherings, BBQs, or just simple backyard relaxation times? Get your backyard prepare for all the warm weather fun; March break is the perfect time to start planning; the weather is milder but still too cold to start working. Below, we made a list of five […]


Selling your house? Improve your backyard.

To ensure you get the best possible price you get for your house, do the following simple improvements for your backyard. Define your lawn The least you can do is mow and edge your lawn. Edging your lawn makes a garden (or yard) look restrained and tamed, which gives it the appearance of lower maintenance – […]